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Importance of Perimeter Detection systems

On May 5th, the world woke up to a daring attack by the Al Shabaab on a Kenyan military air base in Lamu county, used by both the Kenyan & American military. This came soon after the U.S. killed a top Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, though this was not deemed a retaliatory attack, it’s been seen by some analysts as Shabaab taking advantage of the instability brought about by the Iran incident. This means more attacks on sites with military interests are imminent.

Based on the brazen nature (& to some, success) of this attack, several security experts have raised concern on the capability to not only prevent but wade off such acts against bases in the country when they occur. Terrorists bank on the element of surprise to maximize any potential damage; remove this from the equation and the magnitude of their attacks are greatly reduced, if not totally extinguished.

To this end, we have a few solutions that can provide an early warning to address potential problems.

Fence mounted sensors (or Perimeter Intrusion Detections systems PIDS) can give the exact location of a potential hostile entry through cutting, climbing or lifting the fence to the control room security team who are monitoring a complete site, this enables them to monitor any situation in real time so they can guide the on the ground security force.

Also, imagine a system invisible to the intruders that can identify their location up-to 3 meters, one that can be linked to existing CCTV & alarm systems, strobe lights to stun & incapacitate them, can be linked to pyrotechnics, tear gas or any other disruption mechanism that will be suitable for that specific scenario to detect & deter the enemy and allow the military to take swift effective actions to combat the threat.

SensoGuard is such a solution, its sensor & processing unit is buried about 50cm underground, making it undetectable to intruders, has a detection radius of 12m for footsteps detection and 25m for vehicle detection, in addition to digging detection. It can be situated before the actual fence or site perimeter to give detection before actual breaches thus providing an early warning system that would be vital in combating the threat - couple that with a shift in the element of surprise that will provide an obvious advantage.

All systems are military proven with many years of experience in the field and can be either tactical, permanent or semi-permanent installations. It entirely depends on the situation and detection levels required.

SafePerimeters.co.ke is an authorised East African supplier of both El Far Perimeter Detection systems who supply for existing fence lines and perimeters and SensoGuard.com who supply buried seismic detection sensors.

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