Integrated Security System (ISS) is the ultimate Command & Control platform which provides 24 hours / 7 days a week monitoring and real-time alerts on any unauthorized access or intrusion attempts into a protected site, from military, industrial, airports to UHNW private residences. 


The ISS monitors and controls all security subsystems, devices and modules and provides audio-visual display of integrated video surveillance system with PIDS, ACS, alarm system, controlled gates etc., for enhanced security management and ongoing event monitoring. 


The ISS utilizes the proprietary InSite site management software, and can be paired with the SiteNet add-in to provide a unique cyber protected layer of data integrity and network monitoring, with real-time alerts on any attempt to change or connect to Ethernet ports and devices within its network. 


Open source code enables the ISS to accommodate and integrate customized external devices, while offering the operator advanced tools and features for simple and intuitive management of all security aspects, as well as optimal balance of operational & logistical needs. 

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