The Smart Fence Electronic Sensor system

Main Objective

The ELEC-SENS is the ideal intrusion detection system for rigid fence structures, palisade fencing, metal bars and decorative ornamental fencing. 

The ELEC-SENS was specially developed and designed to match physical barriers that are different from standard mesh fences and require a higher level of sensitivity, without compromising on detection level and aesthetic appearance. 

Proprietary omnidirectional electronic perimeter sensors of the ELEC-SENS system provide 3-axis detection in pinpointed 3 to ±10 metre resolution, with tube housing that enable aesthetic deployment on decorative perimeters.


The ELEC-SENS system is currently applied in airports, borders and prison protection projects of the highest level of security.

The ELEC-SENS is perfect for clients' that require a very high level of perimeter detection for commercial or high end residential use.

The ELEC-SENS Smart fence electronic system is  now available in Kenya & East Africa.

ELEC-SENS Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Best for rigid fence structures and metal bar fences

  • Can be supplied in Tube or Box housing for optimal installation

  • Aesthetic deployment & embedded installation on decorative fences

  • Adjustable 3 to ±10m detection resolution

  • Omnidirectional detection (across 3 Axis)

  • Sensor level detection capability

  • Applicable for underground detection

  • Low power consumption

  • Certified immunity to extreme weather conditions & environmental factors

ELEC SENS approval logos.png
ELEC-SENS System Applications


  • Airports & Airfields

  • Railways & Train stations

  • Sea & Marine ports

  • Parking sites


  • Gas Network & Storage

  • Oil & Fuel refineries

  • Power Stations

  • Water recycle facilities

  • Solar farms


  • Prisons

  • Borders

  • Military bases

  • Ammunition depots

  • High risk sites


  • Industrial parks

  • Manufacturing plants

  • Logistic centres

  • Storage sites

  • Private High risk HNWI

ELEC-SENS Various fence types