SensoGuard is an established seismic security contractor for the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) and other world leading militaries, law enforcement agencies and companies in the defence sector worldwide. We take pride in our numerous global installations which serve to protect national borders, prisons, critical facilities, agricultural fields, and archaeological sites and many private homes.

All of seismic sensors and processing units are buried completely underground, making them completely undetectable to intruders while keeping the environment intact.


SensoGuard seismic systems are impenetrable and cannot be dug under, climbed over, or sabotaged without triggering an event or threat.


Buried ground sensor detectors offers reliable, long-lasting protection anywhere – with very easy integration into multi-vendor security systems, this makes our buried security systems ideal for integrators, homeowners and more.


Integrators, government authorities and institutions can now very easily create an invisible perimeter fence buried underground – a system that is impossible to dig under or jump over.

You can rest assured that if you choose a product from the SensoGuard Seismic Detection sensor range you will have many years of discreet service from an extremely effective security perimeter detection system.

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