The SPIDER-SENS building protection system was uniquely developed and designed by EL-FAR to protect logistic warehouses and storage facilities while providing 24 hours / 7 days a week monitoring and real-time detection of any unauthorised attempted access, breaching or intrusion on the walls, roofs or openings of warehouses, container, bunkers, armouries and safe rooms. 


The system provides another layer of indoor security to the site perimeter, completely managed by the InSite site management software application. 


The SPIDER-SENS combines a variety of proprietary sensor technologies, deployed in strategic points on the structure's walls, ceilings and roofs to detect intrusion patterns and unique patterns typical to burglary tools, such as rams, flame cutters, drills and discs, transmitted, analysed, filtered and displayed in real time on the operator's security monitors.

Building protection systems are now available in Kenya & East Africa.

SPIDER-SENS building sensor2.png